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Sales condition
- RAIDOPS enforces Manufacturer Suggested MSRP on all models. We will immediately cut off any reseller that violates the MSRP Pricing. You must not advertise the price that lower than MSRP, either on your website, printed, advertising, email, forums, blogs, word of mouth, etc. Please have your dealers agree on the MSRP policy in advance.
- If you or your dealer(s) are selling on Ebay or other auction sites,please let us know your screen name or registered account name before selling.

Order condition

- Minimum order is at least 500 USD.
- Shipping cost free for orders is over 1,000 USD.
- All products orders will require at least 5 pcs
- The unit price is set according to the order quantity as follow
1) MOQ 5pcs : 45% margin based on MSRP
2) MOQ 50pcs : 52% margin based on MSRP

Special offer

- Purchases over $ 5,000 : Receive a 3% discount coupon.
- Purchases over $ 10,000 : Receive a 7% discount coupon.
- Purchases over $ 20,000 : Receive a 15% discount coupon.
* Discount coupon only applies to bank transfer payments.
* Special offer Coupon can be used on the next order.

Terms of payment

- Advanced payment only for ordering.
- If you pay via PayPal, the 2% fee from the total value of your order will be added.
- Orders will be shipped as a package when all the items are ready to ship.

Management / Replacement / Refund

- Customer-service is followed to the sellers(dealers) policy firstly.
- If the additional support is required, RAIDOPS will cover the next process.
- Refunds will only be provided if RAIDOPS products are faulty, no refunds for other reasons such as unsold stock.

If you have any questions about dealer registration, please feel free to contact us via email :


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