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RAIDOPS was established in 2005 as a company in South Korea. With our customers support, we have been successful and look forward to a bright future. RAIDOPS Company's goal is to manufacture innovative, top quality tactical and survival and expanding into apparel with military / outdoor applications. We strive to satisfy our customers by maintaining high quality standards and offering excellent customer service through manufacturing plants in S.Korea and Taiwan. With our customers support, RAIDOPS will continue to develop, innovate, and produce quality products. RAIDOPS has the following mottos:

1. Defend your body, protect your spirit.
2. RAIDOPS, increasing your survival success.
3. Ergonomic, Eidetic, Functional and progressive design.

The identity of Raidops design is completed by interaction with customers. As Raidops designers communicate with customers through unique designs rather than characters or language, the designers put their best efforts and heart and soul toward ensuring the best quality and trust from each product they make. Every single time they use our products, customers can feel the intentions of our designers and even the inner philosophy within each item. Ultimately, all Raidops products come from our designers' passion and simultaneously serve as emotional messengers in interacting with customers.


The main mission of RAIDOPS is to develop optimized products that can be used by soldiers, police, and firefighters who have to carry out high-risk missions, while also studying and supplying necessary skills. Based on high product reliability, RAIDOPS has many customers and supporters in Korea and overseas. Based on this, We will continue to develop our position and cooperation as a manufacturer that meets the public interest by considering and developing products that are specialized in safety, defense and security.




Until their launch, our products go through dozens of designs and samples, and we consider the opinions of global experts in each field to decide on development. All of our products are developed and produced at the Raidops factory in the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), and through cooperation with more than 10 affiliates worldwide, we can ensure continuous production of the best quality and progressive designs.


DEALER LOCATION (Six continents)

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